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Homeless in the UK



Jessica Miller

Have you ever been hungry or cold?

Imagine a child alone on the streets, struggling to survive. While we think nothing of spending five pounds on a single cup of coffee, that same amount could make the difference between life or death to a homeless person.

Every day, the number of homeless British citizens rise. These are people in our community, our neighbours- our friends- our families.

No one choses to be homeless.

This horrible condition can strike anyone, from any walk of life. To give you an example, envision a mother who has escaped an abusive relationship, with nothing more than her children and the clothes on their backs. What would be worse? Staying in a home where you had shelter, food and clothing, but lived in fear and danger every moment of the day and night?

What would you do? Would you cower in dread of the unknown or take the step to escape, even if that meant living rough on the streets? You would have no food or money, but you wouldn’t have to fear the man who had promised to love and care for you, finally killing you or your children.

There are also countless youth who are desperate to flee situations that they can no longer bear. Perhaps it's is mental abuse, physical abuse, or even molestation. We do not know. Each person on the street have a story of how they got there.

All this, is in addition of conditions like mental illness, addiction, or even the ability to find work. The reasons for homelessness are endless.

Every year, vulnerable people on the streets lose their lives due to freezing conditions and ill health. This does not need to happen. You can make a massive difference in many people's lives. Today you can help a stranger to get back on their feet. This is your chance to pay it forward, one day it could be someone close to you. I am not asking for money, I am asking for your compassion. Go out there, find out how you can help. Write a letter to your Councillor, Volunteer- see them. So often the homeless become the invisible. Let's make the visible.

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