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Introducing...Laura Greenwood

Today's Interview is with the Lovely Ms Greenwood!

What is your name?

Laura Greenwood

Tell me about You... yes, you can add naughty secrets. They are the best!

Man alive, I hate doing this. Erm...I guess I start with the boring bits then! I'm Laura, I'm a USA Today Bestselling author (yeah, I find that difficult to believe sometimes too). I like to read, and cook/bake. People used to come to the pub I worked at just for my lemon meringue pie. Erm...secrets? I have an almost phobia level dislike of baked beans? Does that count? Yep, I really am this rubbish at about mes.

What are you writing right now?

Are you ready for the list... Soultrade with Arizona Tape.

This is the third (and final) book in our Twin Souls series about two women, Ayra and Tate, whose souls switch bodies. Only problem is that Ayra's pregnant with a dragon egg, and Tate's struggling with blood lust.

Into the Mists with Skye MacKinnon.

This is the second book in our Seven Wardens series. Macey is separated from her harem and things definitely aren't looking promising...or maybe they are. For all I know, Skye is destroying my plot point right now. Broken Illusions (see, I do write solo!) Is the second book of my Ashryn Barker trilogy. Ex-vampire hunter, Ashryn, is finding herself on the recieving end right now.

Half Soul with Arizona Tape.

This is going to be the first book in our new Dragon Soul series (set in the same world as Twin Souls) and the series our Realms & Rebels book is from. We have a half-vampire and a half-dragon, neither of whom should have a soulmate.

Ruler of Rats.

This is a prequel to something I have planned later in the year. Basically an RH steampunk heist. Wow I'm crazy. February has been busy!

What was the one thing that sucked you into the world of writing?

Depression. Kind of. I've always made up stories. But depression is what I have to thank for sitting down and finishing something. Writing helped me a lot. Got me through a lot of darker times.

Is Reverse Harem the only genre you write in and why?

No its not. But partly because I don't see RH as a genre, more a kind of romance grouping (like m/f, m/m, f/f, m/fm etc.) The majority of my books are just couples, with one triad in the mix. I count paranormal romance as my main genre, with most of my books being part of my Paranormal Council Universe (I have 4 series under that umbrella, plus some standalones) though I have also been known to dabble outside that. I have contemporary, sci-fi and paranormal fantasy too. All with romance mixed in!

Why choose? What makes Reverse Harem the best genre in your opinion?

I wouldn't say the best, mainly because I'd have a lot of characters yelling at me if I did. I love writing reverse harem (and I love writing other pairings too) but the best part of it is the dynamics. Its different from writing one-on-one, and how the various relationships slot together.

If you could chose one author to co-write a book with, who would it be and why?

Bea Paige (aka Kelly Stock). I mean, I have Skye MacKinnon and Arizona Tape locked down already (insert evil laugh here). I love co-writing though, so there's lots of people on my "if only" list!

Would you have a harem of your own in real life if you could? DO you? tell us everything, I promise to share it with the world.

I wouldn't no. Sounds like a lot of dirty socks to pick up, and I hate feet. Reading and writing it is awesome, but same goes for a lot of things! In my own heart I'm a one-on-one girl. In my characters'...well anything goes. There's no controlling them!

Pick five men who would be in your harem, and tell us why.

Orlando Bloom, but mostly for his voice. I've hears his you-know-what is pretty small. He can just talk dirty to me. Kit Harrington. Because...well...he's Kit Harrington. Aiden Turner, I really am an accent lover! But the Irishness is just...arghh. Damien Maloney. If you don't know who he is, you need to Google him! Cute, fit, and you guessed it, a great voice. (Can you tell I'm English yet XD) And finally, I'll break the rules and say Mila Kunis. She's been my girl crush since I saw Friends with Benefits (I wouldn't be saying no to Justin Timberlake either)

You are on a deserted island, but you have the choice of one book, what would it be and why?

Dracula by Bram Stoker. Its a masterpiece, and one of my all time favourite books ever.

Finally, its time to prostitute yourself to the world. Give me all your links, books, social media and anything else where the fans can get to you.

Stalk Links: FB Page:

FB Group:


RH Mailing List:

Mailing List:

Twitter: Bookbub: Books:

Twin Souls Series (co-written with Arizona Tape, and linked to our book in Realms & Rebels): Book 1:

Book 2:

Book 3:

Other Book 1s (trust me, listing every single book of mine will have us here all day!) Saving Eira (Fated Seasons: Winter #1):

Chasing Aledwen (Fated Seasons: Spring #1):

Shattered Illusions (Ashryn Barker #1):

From the Deeps (Seven Wardens #1, co-written with Skye MacKinnon):

The Dryad's Pawprint (The Paranormal Council #1):

Witch's Potion (Thornheart Coven #1):

Awakening (Beyond the Curse #1):

I have other standalones too, you can check them out on the books tab of my website:

Bonus Question: You are challenged to give one of your MC's or Harem members a kink. What would it be and why?

Lola (from Fifth Soul in Realms & Rebels) already has what some readers would call a kink ;-) But if my solo harems...Rueben from Saving Eira definitely has a denial kink going on.


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