• J.B. Miller

Bailey meets a Labrador

As most of you know, I'm working on a book right now that is called The Red Brotherhood. Thought I would share a little tidbit, where Bailey comes face to face with a Labrador for the first time. lol


She was still sound asleep and hadn’t stirred at all while I was lost in my own world. Her animal-no dog, that is what she called it, watched me with wary eyes as I walked towards them with the injector. "I am not going to harm your mistress, dog. This will help her, do you understand?"

The thing tilted its head before opening its mouth. Damn, was it going to attack? I was preparing to defend myself against it, when its long pink tongue unfurled from its mouth and its tail began to thump heavily against the bed.

Once I was close enough, it used its nose to roughly push against my free hand. It repeatedly shoved its head under my hand, until I finally stroked it. Then it shivered in what I could only call bliss and leaned its whole weight against me.

"What a ferocious beast you are." I chuckled.

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