• J.B. Miller

A world in upheaval

Even if you were living under a rock, you would probably still know about the things happening around us today.

The coronavirus

Stockmarket crashes

Stockpiling of toilet paper and hand sanitiser

The madness that is politics

The list goes on.

However, no matter what your political leaning, whether you are worried or not, there is something to remember. We are all in this together. I know this is not book related, or even author related, but its human related. I just want to send a message out to all my readers and the general populace at large. If there is anyone out there that just wants to vent or talk or anything at all, Im here. We are living in troubled times. You are not alone. This website, while it is author centric is also a place that I want people to be able to communicate.

My words of wisdom, well wisdom is relevant, but...

Take a deep breath, carry on and take care.

Stockpile your books. (lol)

wash your hands and carry tissues.

Don't judge people or books by their covers

Be kind, wear sunscreen. No wait, that last one I'm pretty sure is copyright.

That is all, as Bill and Ted said, 'Be awesome to each other.'

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