• J.B. Miller

The Awful Awful Truth of Lockdown Munching.

Im sure we have all been here, are here, and getting there. Well, thats a lie! Ive seen so many people on bikes and walking, with their kids and other family members that it shames me. What have i been doing you ask? Stuffing my face. I have become addictied to cheesepuffs!

No more I say! I have the willpower! I can do this! I have no idea what week of lockdown we are in. Wait! Thank you Alexa, my goddess... We have been in Lockdown for six weeks. So, if my willpower is stronger than the evil junkfood that has become my life, I can lose this chub and become a little less fat than I am now in another six weeks. Right? Right!

So whos with me? Who wants to denounce the crisps/chips say no to the comfort food and eat an apple every now and again? Walk people! enjoy the fresh air in solitude! Im going to do this! I mean Im outside everyday. I have horses to look after, but I fell into the lock down slump.

Its an evil and devious trap. It sneeks up on you like a silent fart. There you are unasuming and unsuspecting, then death! Lets rebel ladies and gentleman. Put on that fit bit we swore to use but forgot to put back on after it went dead the first time.

Get your head phones in, get the lead out and take the dog for a walk. They will thank you for it. I know my poor fat labradour needs it as much as me! haha....

Well, im off now! I need exercise!

Pray for me, the next week or so is gonna be hard!



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